Windows Update 80072efd Error – How to Fix It

If you are one of the users that have received the Windows Update 80072efd error message you don’t have to worry since it can be fixed fairly easy. One of the reasons why you get this error message is mainly because of a server overload so it is good to wait for awhile and try again.

If the error is still present it is possible that your Windows registry has been corrupted. Luckily this can be easily fixed with windows registry cleaner software. The entire procedure can be done without the need for calling support or asking anyone to help. Fixing registry problems manually can cause more damage than use, even make your system unusable. However with the help of registry cleaners you will do this job like a pro.

The registry cleaner software scans the registry for all obsolete, broken or damaged registry entries. This can really improve the speed of your computer system and also solve the Windows Update 80072efd error message. However this does not mean that you can choose just any registry cleaner. It would be the most suitable to choose the proven ones, the ones that have proven to be working right and are user friendly. Some of the factors you should look for in a registry cleaner are: Speed of scanning, numbers of discovered errors and Total Pc Performance. Some of the registry cleaners that are reliable are the CCleaner, Registry Easy and Error Fix. After all the software you choose have to solve your problem, fix the Windows Update 80072efd error message so it never causes you trouble again.

Another option would be to add the Windows Update website addresses to your firewall and allow the update services to connect to the Internet. This will hopefully solve the problem and you will be able to use your pc as before.