What Software Do You Need for Your Computer?

When it comes to computers and software, anti-virus software is among the most important pieces that you will need. This software is to make sure that you are not hacked and people are not stealing valuable information from you, without you even realising it.

Types of Virus’

Over the years, it has been found that there are two types of virus in operation that are the most prevalent. These are just virus’ that infect the most computers, there are a lot more virus’ out there, and hackers design new ones everyday.

    1. Infection Alerts – Infection alerts are where the virus will infect the computer and you will see a message alerting you that you have a virus. The message will then tell you to go to a certain site and pay a fee for the removal of the virus. Once you pay the fee, they will remove the virus. In actual fact, there is no massive virus on the computer. The main aim of this virus is to get you to pay the money. If you pay the money, you will have paid for nothing and you will have given a scrupulous person your bank details, so you will have to change them so that they do not take even more money off you.
  1. Keystroke Virus – With this virus, it is more like a Trojan that just sits in the background and waits for you to start typing something. If you log into the bank, they will copy your bank details and if you book on a flight, they will have your passport details. Then it is very easy for them to steal your identity. If you know that you have a Trojan on your computer, then you need to change your bank details and look through your bank statements. You might notice a small withdrawal of a few pence, and then a massive withdrawal. They will make the small withdrawal first as a test to see if you check your statements, then a few months later they will just take everything.

Which Software?

If you have gotten this far into the article, you have probably decided that you do need some anti-virus software on your computer. However, you might be wondering which software to buy.

Some users get bogged down with all the software and they perches all the software that they can find. However, when they run the software on their computers, each piece of software might recognise the other as a virus because they go searching through the system, like a virus. Therefore, it is best to have one of each type so that you are not confused about what is a virus and what is not.

  • Firewall – A firewall is a piece of software that acts as the first line of defence. It closes any access points to your computer, since you might have inadvertently opened some to access the Internet. It should warn you when someone or something tries to access your system.

Anti-Virus Software – Anti-Virus software will be the next line of defence. It will block anything that gets past the firewall. Some software will give you a better firewall and it will search your system for anything that has already infected you. The best software will then be able to remove the threat, or at least put it in quarantine so it can’t infect any other elements of the system.