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How this software engineer manages productivity and

Yahoo’s Eoghan Lappin discusses the hardest parts of his job and why it’s vital that software engineers look after their mental health.

Having graduated from Dublin City University in 2010, Eoghan Lappin worked at a number of smaller software companies in Dublin before moving to his current role in 2020.

He now works as a software engineering team lead at

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State Department shifting power to the end user as telework

Despite the scattered arrangement of State Department employees around the world, going to a remote and hybrid work environment during the pandemic was less challenging than IT officials expected. Home internet connectivity, including in developing or rural parts of the world, is stronger than it used to be and in fact, many growing economies bypassed the wireless era and made

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What is Cyber Insurance? – TIDEWATER

Cyber Insurance – Everything You Should Know?

Just as traditional insurance protects your business from physical risks like theft, fire, or property damage, cyber insurance protects your business from risks associated with the use of technology and the internet. This can include things like data breaches, hacking, cybercrime, and even reputational damage.

While cyber insurance is not required by law,

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