Save Your Computer From Dreaded Computer Viruses

When it comes to your business computers it is imperative that you protect yourself and your business computers from virus, malware and other threats that can harm your computers, servers and operating systems. This article will outline some tips on how to create an environment free of computer viruses.

Firstly, when your purchase new computers it is important that you have antivirus installed on it correctly. Make sure the antivirus is update to date and maintained to ensure that your computer can defend itself from viruses that try to access your emails, files and servers. There are more and more viruses appearing everyday now, setup your computer so that antivirus runs every day at a time when you are not working and it is updated automatically to prevent the newest of viruses from getting into your systems.

The most popular virus comes from human error. When employees open emails from unknown senders their computers can be infected which then can lead to the whole business network being infected. The rule of thumb when opening emails is to open emails that you are expecting or from people that you know.

It is important to keep your antivirus up to date, it is important to update your operating system as required. Microsoft will update your windows operating regular with updated security releases. You can automate this.

You can also add the windows firewall that will detect anything that is considered suspicious. If a virus, malware or hacker attempts to get into your system the firewall will prevent it. If a virus or hacker gets past a firewall it should still help protect the OS from having harmful programs from being downloaded.

When searching the internet make sure the browser privacy settings are turned on. This prevents websites from using your private browsing information and prevents fraud and identity theft,

Use a pop-up blocker along with the browser protection. Turning off pop-up windows will help create safer browsing although popups are usually advertisements that can contain files that can be infectious to your computer. Pop-up blockers eliminate the windows from appearing all together.

These steps help eliminate the possibility of a virus on your computer. Although you may apply all the steps above to prevent an infection for your computer, a virus might still get into your computer. If you suspect that your computer has an infection contact your local tech support guy or your local IT services company.

Your local IT support company can help you with any viruses that your computer may have.