Reg cleaners are very important for computer performance improvement. It removes unnecessary or orphaned registry entries caused when a software was improperly uninstalled. I mainly use it to keep my computer on top performance by running it almost three times a week. Running reg cleaners after a scheduled anti-virus scan is also very helpful. Sometimes I use it as BSOD fix (Blue-Screen-Of-Death), which I rarely do these days.

What is BSOD or blue screen of death? As a quick and simple overview this is the blue screen you see when your windows based computer encounters a critical error which is usually hardware or driver related. It is commonly known as computer or system crash, while it is technically known as stop error. This can be the most dreadful experience a person will encounter with his PC especially during his most hectic and busiest day.

How does reg cleaner help as BSOD fix? First step is to pay attention to what is written on the screen. Commonly, you can read that certain hardware is not working thus causing the blue screen. Through experience, which is my best teacher, I would always assume that this is driver related. Next, restart your computer in safe mode, then run your most trusted reg cleaner. Let it scan through your whole registry including your hard disk. When the scan is complete always read the results, create a registry backup and make sure you only remove the ones that are not needed. This should solve your problem most of the time.

If you are a newbie, I would always advise that you keep a backup of your registry when using reg cleaners. It should always offer you to create a backup. If it doesn’t, please do not proceed using it because it might make things worse, especially, if you are not familiar with registries. My best advice for you is to read the results of your registry scan thoroughly and try to understand them. Do not just read and ignore. You can get a lot of explanations in the internet about technical terms that you don’t understand in the report.

There are free reg cleaners, which can do most of the job. One important reminder is to always read and backup! I have tried several of these but some did more damage than fixing. I strongly recommend licensed or paid reg cleaners. Why? It is simply because of the live 24/7 support that is included in the paid package. I prefer live chat 24/7 support because it is faster and more convenient, rather than dialing a phone. This is essential if you messed your registry, you can get instant response from the support team.

I do not want to relive the day I experienced a BSOD. Where I formatted my hard disk out of desperation and lost all the significant data I have worked on for months and even years. I hope this article shed some light on your questions regarding reg cleaners and blue screen of death (BSOD). Always take extra precaution when dealing with your registry!