New laser charging system could offer safe cordless power for mobile devices and sensors — ScienceDaily

Imagine walking into an airport or grocery store and your smartphone automatically starts charging. This could be a reality one day, thanks to a new wireless laser charging system that overcomes some of the challenges that have hindered previous attempts to develop safe and convenient on-the-go charging systems.

“The ability to power devices wirelessly could eliminate the need to carry

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Rethinking the Web – Part 1

What would the web look like if the pioneers had the tools and tech we have today? What would the OO software look like if we used the OO paradigm championed by the developers of the web? Why has software development become so complicated? This series of articles answers these questions, and presents an alternate approach to how we design … Read More

TAG Heuer Adds Three New Colorful Formula 1 Chronographs To Its Collection

Motorsport-inspiration finds its way into TAG Heuer’s lineup of luxury tool watches as they continue to present examples that fit in perfectly at any racetrack. The Formula 1 Collection offers a modern take on the classic chronograph

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iOS 16.1 Will Bring Major Features on iPhone

Apple has seen fit to release the first beta of iOS 16.1 to developers and public beta testers. The latest beta build arrived a few days after the company seeded iOS 16 to the general public. The update packs a boatload of improvements with forward-facing features. However, some features are missing in the initial release of iOS 16. Henceforth, the

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rxcg: A Simple Text Matcher C Code Generator for IoT

Create a file with regular expressions in it, feed it to this tool, and presto! – you have instant, dependency free C code you can use to match said expression from any input stream.


Update: Generates more compact code in most cases.

Update 2: Fixed bug with blockend generation.

I’ve written so many regular expression engines and code generators

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