Following the release of the NVIDIA DLSS mod for Judgment, we talked with modder PotatoOfDoom about the possibility of releasing additional mods of the same kind for other titles that currently support AMD FSR 2.0 but not NVIDIA’s technology.

The first and foremost game that came up in our conversation was Gearbox’s Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Impressively, PotatoOfDoom already published the NVIDIA DLSS mod for this game on Nexus Mods; you can download it here. Then, make sure to follow these instructions for the installation process.


How to use:
* Set the in-game FSR 2.0 preset to your preferred DLSS setting. (All DLSS presets correspond 1:1 to the FSR 2.0 presets)
* Play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with DLSS

* Extract the Archive so all DLL files (ffx_fsr2_api_x64.dll, FSR2DLSS_Loader.asi, nvngx_dlss.dll and version.dll) are in the same folder as the Wonderlands.exe file.

* Remove all added DLL files

* Because I can!
* DLSS might look better on your GPU.
* DLSS might use less power than FSR on your Laptop.

Truth be told, the why could be simply because DLSS runs better. YouTube channel RTX3050 Benchmarks tested the DLSS mod in Judgment and found a significant improvement of up to 10 frames per second compared to the native AMD FSR 2.0 implementation. As such, it should be beneficial for every GeForce RTX owner.

Other games supporting FSR 2.0 instead of DLSS include Thymesia and The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation. However, several upcoming games will likely offer the same feature set, including Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, Forspoken, Grounded, Lies of P, Project Haven, Scorn, The Callisto Protocol, and Unknown 9: The Awakening. So far, there’s no indication any of these titles will support NVIDIA DLSS in addition to AMD FSR 2.0, making PotatoOfDoom’s work all the more important for GeForce RTX owners.

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