The boot up time of Windows basically how fast your PC will load up without having any problems or issues that will prevent it from running. We’ve found one of the biggest causes of problems for the boot time of your system is that your computer will generally be unable to process the settings which it requires to load up, and as a result it will take longer to load up your system. In order to repair the various possible issues that Windows may have, you need to fist ensure that you’re able to repair the various problems that the settings of your system may have, as well as cleaning out any of the problems that you’ll have with the software & Windows system itself.

If you want to improve the boot time of Windows, you have to be able to repair the various issues that will be preventing it from running correctly. This can be done by first ensuring that your computer is not bloated with unwanted applications that you just installed for the hell of it (such as Google Earth etc), as well as ensuring that the startup programs of your system are no more than 3 or 4. On top of that, cleaning the registry is also recommended to stop the problems occurring.

The first thing to do to speed up Windows boot times is to remove any of the software which may be bloating up your PC. This can be done by clicking onto “Start” selecting “Control Panel” and then choosing “Add / Remove Programs”. This will allow you to remove any of the programs which may be causing unnecessary problems for your system, which may include the likes of games, Skype or any other software that might not be needed but will be taking up a relatively large amount of resources. After that, you may also wish to access MSCONFIG (press Windows Key + R & type msconfig) and then disable some of the startup programs.

Probably the most beneficial way to fix the various problems that you have on your system will be with the registry database of your computer. The registry is a large storage facility which keeps all the files, information and settings for your system inside, and is used intensely whenever you boot up your PC. It could be the case that the registry is damaged or corrupted, leading your system to take much longer to process the files and settings it requires to boot. To fix this, you should click onto the Internet, download a reliable registry cleaner tool and then let it clean out your system. We recommend a program called Frontline Registry Cleaner for this.