With Valentines Day right around the corner our memory travels back in time to our long lost friends and first loves. Do you remember how exciting your first true love was? The butterflies? The passion? Well I can assure you that if you’re remembering it that way they probably are thinking about you too.

Today with the Internet it’s easier than ever to locate and be reunited with an old lover. You can start out with these free and easy first steps:

1. Google Their Name:
Especially if they have an uncommon or unusual name you could locate them instantly with this first Step

2. Search Facebook:
Facebook has over 500 million members. A great resource for locating old friends and lovers. It’s also a very easy and non threatening to send a friendly friend request to begin the reunification process.

3. High School Reunion Sites:
There are several sites online where you can register free and reconnect with HS classmates.

Of course there’s Twitter, MySpace and a long list of other social networks but if you’re hitting a dead end after these it’s time to pull out the credit card and get serious. Try a People Finder Search company.

These online people finder search companies will use credit header information and data bases to locate your old friend. These companies subscribe to data bases with hundreds of millions of records. Every timer a person apples for credit a car loan or apt rental agreement and they have a credit report run their personal information such as their current address is updated on their credit report. That information at the top of the report like name address and phone number is called the credit header and the three major credit reporting agencies are allowed to sell that information to people finder search companies.

You can find a reliable people finder search for about $20 -$25 dollars but beware of the instant ones that claim to for free searches. Nothing in life is free.

Also when researching people finder search companies try to find one that can also offer a full blown skip trace investigation. This will show that the company you’re dealing with has access to licensed private investigators and has the resources and experience to expand on your investigation if the people finder search cannot turn up current information.

A full blown skip trace can cost anywhere from $150 to $500. It’s designed for the harder to find subjects like people that are avoiding debts or judgements or in some cases even warrants. but in that case maybe it’s wise not to rekindle a romance with a wanted fugitive.