A lot of data is being sent over the internet via emails. Most of these data is important and require to be protected from the unauthorized persons. Several trials have been done to secure the data sent through emails. One method of securing the emails is to encrypt the data before sending and this is decrypted when reaches to the destination.

Encryption is a type of distortion of the data in a way so that if an unauthorized person anyhow gets access of the data, he could not be able to read it in correct form meaning thereby the data is unusable to the person who is not authorized to get it. This is most accepted form of securing the email data from getting hacked or theft by some means. This is also known as cryptogenic method of protection. For starting the data to be encrypted, TCP or IP is needed to be prepared first and then the protection of internet communication is protected. For protecting the traffic on the net, the method is recognized as TLS and SSL in the technical terms. The email data protection is referred to as PGP and this is a quite reliable method for a system to be put upon.

The third type of protection is needed in for securing the internet layers. The process of protecting the internet layers is done by a method which is better referred to as IPsec. By this method, the communication is made secure by first preparing the TCP and IP. All these methods of securing either the data of email or communication or that of the internet layers have been brought by the IETF. These security methods protect the data at the IP level and are thus reliable enough to be used. This is how the data on the internet is made to be protected.