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Opinion: Plenty of Capital Available for Ground-up Multifamily Construction in the Bay Area

In a fluid capital markets environment, brokers and developers are using innovative financing to raise capital for multifamily deals. Banks, REITs, and funds are eager to lend for core projects with strong borrowers.

By Cody Field

The capital markets tightened significantly during the pandemic. Those reins have loosened, and now more capital is available for ground-up multifamily residential construction in

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TikTok’s Parent Takes Massive 658,000 SQFT Sublease in San Jose’s Coleman Highline

San Jose Silicon Valley Gensler Newmar Blackstone Verizon Hunter Storm Coleman Highline Roku AGC Equity Partners TikTok ByteDance
Courtesy of Coleman Highline

By Vladimir Bosanac

ByteDance, the Chinese internet technology conglomerate that is also the parent company of exploding social media platform TikTok is looking to take a big bite out of the San Jose sublease market. According to a report by the San Jose Mercury News, the company is planning to sublease 658,000 square feet, or two

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Windows-Komponenten deaktivieren: Diese Tools helfen Ihnen

Liest man verschiedene Berichterstattungen zu Windows, lässt sich konstatieren: Microsoft kann es nie allen recht machen. Mal seien Funktionen im Betriebssystem in zu hoher Zahl vorhanden und Windows würde deswegen alles andere als leichtgewichtig sein – von einem schlanken Core-/Kern-Betriebssystem könne keine Rede sein. Oder aber Windows bringe nicht alle nötigen Funktionen mit, die im Alltag wichtig sind. Die Wahrheit

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6 Ways to Clean the Windows Registry

Since most of us don’t dive into the registry editor often, you probably don’t have any idea if you need a registry cleanup or not. However, over time your registry collects broken, outdated, and even missing registry keys that hurt your PC’s performance. You may even get the occasional error message. With the use of Windows tools and some third-party

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Registry Reviver review | TechRadar

Registry Reviver (opens in new tab) is a registry cleaner (opens in new tab) for Windows developed by the California-based software company ReviverSoft which is in turn owned by Corel, a Canadian software giant that purchased the firm in 2014. It develops many PC optimization (opens in new tab) and security software programs with the “Reviver” name present on most. 

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