Shadow cast over future of Google’s C++ replacement

Google launched Carbon, an experimental language, last week, but industry skepticism clouds its future as a C++ replacement.

C++ is a mainstay of enterprise development, but it has drawbacks, and some developers have argued that it needs a replacement. The reasons for this are many, including code that is difficult to learn and read, issues with safety mechanisms and

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Learn one of the world’s most popular programming languages

One of the most popular programming languages to date is Python, ranking fourth in a survey answered by over 70,000 developers. It joins the ranks of heavyweights like JavaScript, HTML, and SQL, and according to Python Steering Council’s Pablo Galindo, it’s because Python is incredibly simple and versatile. It’s written in an almost natural language, making it a favorite among

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Career Advice: My Journey to Technical Programming

In a couple of weeks, my senior year at Fisk University will begin. Freshmen move-in day is still fresh in my mind like it occurred yesterday. With just two semesters left before I complete my degree in computer science, my excitement can hardly be contained. 

At an early age, my goal was to forge a career in STEM. 

Initially, I

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Flexibility is the workplace benefit we want the most

As the dust settles on the return to work post-pandemic, one big sticking point is emerging for American workers: flexibility.

So what does flexibility mean in this context? It is things like the ability to set your own schedule: you can go to a doctor’s appointment during the work day or pop out for groceries — yet still complete all

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How To Become A Software Engineer: Salary, Education

Are you looking for a challenging career that allows you to work with computers and make an impact on today’s society? Consider becoming a software engineer. To work in this high-tech career, you should know how to program a computer, make decisions and plan projects.

This article uncovers how to become a software engineer, including how to get started,

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