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New York Higher Ed Partnerships to Expand Tech Programs

(TNS) — Recently, we looked at three examples of colleges and universities forging innovative new partnerships to serve the needs of potential students and the region’s growing economy.

The trend continues. Several of our area’s higher education institutions announced they are partnering up with others to expand their offerings and/or help fuel the WNY workforce.



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Strategic Recapitalization of ‘Several Hundred Million’

Exterro, a provider of software for e-discovery, governance, risk and compliance, said today that it has completed a strategic recapitalization and secured additional committed equity capital as part of a continuation vehicle transaction that has provided it with “several hundred million” in new funding at a valuation of more than $1 billion, putting it among the handful of legal technology

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United States Digital Forensics Market Size, Scope, Growth

New Jersey, United States – The United States Digital Forensics Market research guides new entrants to obtain precise market data and communicates with customers to know their requirements and preferences. It spots outright business opportunities and helps to bring new products into the market. It identifies opportunities in the marketplace. It aims at doing modifications in the business to make

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Lake Shore Bancorp cited by regulators for technology,

One of the region’s smaller banks, Lake Shore Bancorp, has been slapped with a regulatory order from a federal agency, criticizing its technology compliance and governance – and questioning if its management is up to the task – after it suffered a data breach in its internal systems last November.

That’s despite the bank continuing to be profitable, even posting

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