RegCure, RegClean, RegistryFix and FixCleaner are just some of the prominent registry cleaners today. These are a type of software utility that clean the Windows registry, removing redundant and unwanted files. These items could be invalid class keys and corrupted entries. Such items are believed to be slowing down the speed of the computer and posing threats to its stability. However, the claim that registry cleaners, after doing its job, can speed up a computer remains a controversial topic. There is no hard evidence yet to prove that it can indeed improve the performance of a computer.

Critics say that software utilities like RegCure are not safe to use, specifically if the user does not know how to use it properly. They say that these types of software utilities should not be trusted. Apart from being associated with malware, they can actually mess up the computer registry, deleting entries that they wrongly categorized as not needed. When this happens, errors could occur and computer could even crash. There would not be a problem if there was a backup feature that would allow the deleted entries, that should not have been deleted in the first place, to be restored. Many even suggest that a PC registry is better left alone by people, specifically if they don’t know anything about it.

While the usefulness of products like RegistryFix remains in question and being clouded by doubts, there are experts insisting their possible benefits. These software utilities aim to remove configuration data that is not in use anymore or not needed by the system from the Windows Registry. Configuration data, which can composed of information from uninstalled software and malware settings, are getting picked up when the software utility is run. If you come to think of it, removing such configuration data has to have a good impact on the overall performance of the computer. Note that the remaining data can consume disk space. The fewer files we have in our hard drive, the faster our computer can become.

Ultimately, the decision to use a registry cleaner would all be up to you. Be aware of software that can cause harm instead of doing good to your computer’s system. If you believe that you need to install one in your computer, products like RegClean and FixCleaner will be just some of the options to choose from. Read reviews about products mentioned in this article and other products at a good review site you know before choosing any of them. Understand what the product will and will not resolve for you. Find out the feedback each has received from its users. Ensure there is a reliable return policy, it case it doesn’t resolve your computer problem. Reading reviews will lead you the right product that you can safely to improve your computer’s overall performance.