Hypotheses Scientist

Hypotheses Scientist When we talk about and get involve in science, of course we also understand that the world of science is a condition that is not always constant. Since ancient times, science has always received corrections and updates to fulfill or improve outdated theories. Yes, in other words, science is objective and tied to the facts in the universe. 5 Ideas and Hypotheses Scientist

Likewise with the ideas or opinions of scientists, it is always correcte by the times. Currently, we can see that there are so many theories, hypotheses, and scientific laws that have been use by scientists to explain various natural phenomena. However, did you know that in ancient times, there were many scientific ideas that were considere strange? These ideas and hypotheses have even been debunke in this modern era. Hypotheses Scientist


5 Ideas and Hypotheses Scientist

1. Wireless radio technology will be meaningless

Listening to music wirelessly in the early 1900s did seem impossible and futuristic. However, reject it when the technology is already there? Well, that denial is probably one of the most preposterous notions of the digital age. In late 1916, a high-ranking official and communications expert from the Marconi Telegraph Company named Edward Julian Nally had rejected the crazy idea of wireless.

To him, the wireless concept was just a ridiculous joke because consumers would not want to pay anything for invisible services. Reported in the Public Broadcasting Service, he eventually sold his radio technology to the US Navy. Who came up with the wireless music idea? He is David Sarnoff who was then 25 years old.

In 1919, Sarnoff finally created a wireless radio communication system that could be use by the public. Through the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), he became one of the Fathers of Radio whose ideas we still use today through digital radio transmission. Furthermore, wireless technology is increasingly flexible and widely used for various types of digital music players.


2. Trains at high speed will make you short of breath

When riding the fastest train in the world that is capable of traveling at speeds of 300-400 kilometers per hour, we can sit quietly and barely feel much vibration in it. Now, imagine if there were trains that could run at only 50 or 80 kilometers per hour in ancient times. Well, that would be a fear for many people.

Reported by the Computer History Museum, Dionysius Lardner, a lecturer and scientist from Ireland, once stated that fast trains would only suffocate passengers. In fact, exploring the Atlantic Ocean is also considere impossible because ships will be hampere by the weight of water in the vast ocean. Ironically, the ideas of the teachers who existed in the 1700s have en proven wrong.

Currently, the world of transportation even has the fastest train that can accelerate constantly at 600 kilometers per hour (according to regulations, for safety reasons, it only runs at speeds of 300-400 kilometers per hour). So, the world of science and transportation is growing according to the times, right?


3. Air is lighter than engine, there will be no such thing as an airplane

We may find it difficult to explain the lift of objects in the air to ancient people. In fact, many people used to deny that one day there would be heavy objects that could fly. In 1902, a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University named Simon Newcomb had a rather strange idea or opinion.

At that time, with all his calculations and thoughts, he thought that heavy machines would not be effective for flying. In fact, he also believes that objects that are much heavier than air will not be able to fly and will only bring complications to humans. Unfortunately, this opinion is totally wrong because the Wright Brothers were able to fly the world’s first simple airplane in 1903.

The concept of lift is still considere too futuristic in ancient times. Instead of applying lift calculations, ancient people were more inspired by bird wings to fly high. In fact, the Wright Brothers were able to fly the first airplane successfully because of the Bernoulli Principle (discovery of Daniel Bernoulli): there would be a relationship between the speed and pressure of the air flow.


4. Psychological disorders can overcome by making a hole in the patient’s head

Okay, this surgery of course done in the ancient era. That’s because they are not familiar with laser surgical techniques, ultrasound, MRI, oral medications, and other modern medical techniques. Yes, in ancient times, when there were patients who were suspecte of having mental, psychological, epilepsy, or severe headaches, their heads would be pierce with a technique calle trephination and lobotomy.

António Egas Moniz is one of the doctors and scientists who started the practice of punching holes in patients’ heads. According to the Singapore Medical Journal, the doctor from Portugal introduce the frontal lobotomy technique which is use to treat severe psychological illnesses. Of course this technique has been banne in modern times. The reason is, medical treatment is more advanced and certainly more humane.

Depression, severe stress, bipolar, schizophrenia, and other serious mental illnesses are not easy to overcome. However, today’s psychological treatment techniques are very advance and can heal patients gradually. In addition to medical drugs, therapy sessions usually also involve counseling which is considere more efficacious than ancient techniques such as punching holes in the head.


5. Diamonds are forme from coal

Ancient people believed that diamonds were obtaine by processing coal. In fact, this kind of information is still believe by a few people in modern times. It is not clear who first expressed this opinion. However, this has en proven wrong and is perhaps one of the most misunderstood ideas in the mining world.

In fact, diamonds and coal are two different compounds. The Geology page explains that diamonds are part of the very ancient formation of the Earth. Diamonds were forme billions of years ago when parts of the Earth’s crust were heate enough to cause carbon atoms to solidify like crystals.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, coal is located slightly outside the surface of the Earth. If diamonds are locate at a depth of 150 kilometers below the surface of the Earth, coal can already  found at a depth of 3 kilometers from the ground. So, it can  concluded that the opinion that diamonds come from coal is wrong.

In science, proving and correcting past mistakes is taken for granted. Maybe today, the theories above are considered strange and absurd. But, again, science is moving forward and it is possible that what we understand today can be corrected in the future. 5 Ideas and Hypotheses Scientist