Month: July 2022

New York Higher Ed Partnerships to Expand Tech Programs

(TNS) — Recently, we looked at three examples of colleges and universities forging innovative new partnerships to serve the needs of potential students and the region’s growing economy.

The trend continues. Several of our area’s higher education institutions announced they are partnering up with others to expand their offerings and/or help fuel the WNY workforce.



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What is 5G, what is it used for and how does it work?

More powerful, faster, and lower latency. These are the three characteristics that make the fifth generation of mobile networks essential for building a more efficient and egalitarian future. Knowing what 5G is, what it is used for and how it works will help us understand the current technological development and what we can expect.

Moreover, this latest step in the

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Career Advice: My Journey to Technical Programming

In a couple of weeks, my senior year at Fisk University will begin. Freshmen move-in day is still fresh in my mind like it occurred yesterday. With just two semesters left before I complete my degree in computer science, my excitement can hardly be contained. 

At an early age, my goal was to forge a career in STEM. 

Initially, I

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Meaning and benefits of using cybersecurity mesh solutions

The increased attention to cybersecurity has never been more evident. We use dozens of apps, services, and digital products daily for work, learning, relaxing, enjoying, meeting people, etc. Naturally, we need to protect each such activity and guarantee that our information and identity do not get compromised.

Online services have become increasingly sophisticated, gathering and analyzing complex data to

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